October Meet the Maker: Melanie Poulter from Melu Crochet


Melanie Poulter is a crochet artist from Leeds, England. Her crochet journey began when she and a friend were looking for a new hobby and were able to find knitting and crochet lessons at the local high school. She had always liked yarn and had lovely memories of making pom poms with her Granny, finger knitting and using dolly bobbins to do french knitting in girl guides.

She became more interested in crochet because she preferred the way it
looked compared to knitting. Crochet was much more portable- being able to pick up
and put down was essential, especially when having young children around. Also, crochet was much easier to pull out the stitches when you made a mistake.

Melanie quickly became obsessed and continued to develop her skills trying different stitches
and techniques such as bobbles (her favorite) and appliques. She made the usual
rookie errors- making huge hats, baby booties where one was twice the size of the other or
forgot what hook size she had been using halfway through a blanket. However, she felt this was a part of the learning process in which most beginners go through.

In the past, she would spend a lot of time trying to find crochet patterns that would work for her children or home. When she couldn’t find the exact pattern she wanted, she started making them up herself!

Now Melanie finds herself inspired by different yarns, imagining how she can use them to show off their colors and textures. Sometimes an idea for a pattern will just come into her head, and she gets really excited at the thought of designing and making it. Crochet has allowed her to engage in the whole design process. Melanie evaluates her designs via her pattern testers—which she finds as a really rewarding process. Based on the input she receives from them ensures that her patterns will be easy to read, follow, and will be the appropriate size!

She LOVES getting photos from people that have made her designs. Seeing the different colors and yarns that people use can sometimes be really surprising, while there are also some very creative makers out there. It makes her feel great when someone takes one of her patterns and makes it look amazing!

Three things you may not know about Melanie are:

1. She crochets at the pub every Wednesday night
2. She has had dinner with Richard O’Brien (English actor, writer, musician)
3. She is owned by a whippet/saluki cross

To find out more information about Melanie visit these sites below:

Kelly is using Melanie’s Crochet Modern Bobble Blanket Pattern (see photo below) for the October Charity of the Month, Warm Up America! Melanie has graciously offered to give a 25% discount off of the pattern which you can find here.

WUA! has teamed up with Westlake United Methodist Church in Austin, TX for the Refugee Border Project Campaign. Thousands of refugees in crisis are coming to the U.S. seeking asylum and WUA! is asking volunteers to provide lap and child-size blankets, hats, gloves/mittens, and scarves.

kelly melu crochet blanket

For more information on the Refugee Border Project or any other Warm Up America! campaigns please visit their site or see our Charity of the Month post.

The deadline for all donations for this project is Dec 7, 2019.
When mailing, please add ATTN: Refugees Border Project.

Mail all items to
Warm Up America! Foundation
ATTN: Refugee Border Project
3740 N. Josey Ln., Ste 152
Carrollton, TX 75007

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